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3 Reasons Why Koh Tao Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

March 1, 2021

Going on a vacation is one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, get your much-needed rest, and spend time with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a must-visit place for your next vacation, consider Koh Tao, which translates in Thai as Turtle Island. Here, you can enjoy blue waters, stunning views, dreamy white sandy beaches, and some of the world’s best diving spots. Here are other reasons why you should make it your next travel destination:


A holiday in Koh Tao won’t be complete without relaxing by the beach. This island has various beaches and bays ready to be expl ored. Aside from sunbathing, sipping your favorite summer drink, and simply enjoying the view, some activities you can try are diving and freediving.

Whether you want to try diving with complete equipment or learning how to dive deep in one breath, you can discover the island’s beauty no matter your level and interest. You can also see the magnificence of the underwater world through snorkeling.


Koh Tao has a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. However, this island has a wide range of dive sites protected from wind any time of year, which means you can enjoy an exceptional diving experience regardless of the weather. Read the breakdown of months below to help you choose when is the best time to visit.

    • January to FebruaryThe start of the year offers a calm setting as the monsoon season winds down to a close. February is an ideal time to visit Koh Tao because it offers amazing dive conditions and is the breeding season for marine species.
    • March to MayMarch to May is considered the dryer months, making them the perfect time to cool off in the ocean. It is the start of the busiest time of the year for visiting whale sharks. In addition, it includes many Thai Holidays, such as the Songkran water festival on April 13.
    • June to August

Expect a change of wind during these months. As the winds come in from the South West, you can grab the golden chance to explore Koh Tao’s east side, go scuba diving, and see whale sharks.

    • November to December

November to December is when the monsoon season begins. You can expect sporadic rain, but fortunately, it is nowhere near as intense as its neighboring islands. Prepare for a decreased visibility and icy-cold water in the ocean when diving.

Beach resorts

Koh Tao boasts of luxury beach resorts that can take your vacation to the next level. If you’re looking for one of the best beach resorts in Thailand, you can find it here on the island.

Our Haad Tien Beach Resort is at Thian Og Bay. It has seven stunning villa types to choose from, each offering a unique resort experience. It is an ideal accommodation for you and your family if you want to stay at a sanctuary that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty and peace the island offers.


Whether you plan a romantic getaway or a family trip, Koh Tao can be your ideal travel destination. Here, you can go on exciting adventures, relax and take in the beauty of the beach, and create unforgettable memories. To make your vacation extra memorable, make sure to book a room at a beach resort like ours.

Experience a different kind of luxury and comfort here at our little piece of paradise in Koh Tao. At Haad Tien Beach Resort, we take pride in offering different villas and other amenities, including private pools. Book your room now!

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