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Planning Your Holiday in Koh Tao Know Your Season Forecasts

April 16, 2021

Koh Tao’s tropical climate makes it generally sunny all year round, making it one of Thailand’s most popular islands. It’s a must-visit hotspot for tourists fond of diving and snorkeling, putting it in the top spot of perfect summer getaways in Asia. Unfortunately, your booked trip can go wrong due to some occasionally heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. Since it’s an island situated in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, it can be challenging to predict the weather.

Knowing the kind of weather you should expect when traveling to Koh Tao will set the difference between enjoying a sunny beach to a day’s worth of staying indoors. This is why it’s vital to know the best season to schedule your trip before booking your plane tickets and hotel reservations.

Finding the right season to plan your trip to Koh Tao

Koh Tao cycles between three seasons, with each one affecting a tourists’ experience on the island. For example, rainfall can affect visibility while underwater, making snorkeling and diving almost dangerous to attempt. This is why it’s necessary to know these differences to time your travel reservations properly.

In this article, we’ll give you some insights into what climate you should expect during these three seasons

1. Dry Season (February to May)

Rainfall will be at its lowest in Koh Tao during these months, making it the best time to enjoy time on the beach and out in open water. Air temperatures generally reach about 36 degrees Celsius and rarely drop under 28 degrees Celsius. It’s worth noting that the hottest time during this period is from March to May, with water temperatures rising as high as 30 degrees Celsius and more.

With temperatures going extremely high, it’s best to stay along the beach to enjoy the calming ocean breeze. Besides the temperature and climate changes, animal migration patterns also align with the months. Visiting Koh Tao during March and April makes it the best opportunity to spot Whale Sharks.

2. Windy Season (May to October)

After the dry season, the wind will start to overpower the scorching heat. Although health levels can reach h around 34 degrees, there’s much more action for tides. This is because stronger winds lead to big waves in specific areas around the island. Thankfully, months between July and September increase the visibility underwater for up to 30 meters or more. This makes it the best time for divers to visit and book their trips. For this reason, the island will be much busier than usual from June to September.

3. Wet Season (October to February)

These months contain the short timeframe that the island experiences the wet season. Although temperatures don’t go below 28 degrees Celsius, it’s common for thunderstorms to occur in the afternoon and eventually leave by nightfall. Keep this in mind when scheduling your indoor and outdoor activities.

By November, you should expect Koh Tao to have wetter and cooler temperatures with at least two hours of heavy rain daily. Expect continuous rainfall during these months for several days, so adjust your itinerary accordingly based on local forecasts. Additionally, November is the best time to dive with Whale sharks again.


Properly scheduling your itinerary is a vital aspect of booking any holiday trip. Without knowing about the local climate conditions, you can end up in a country without packing the right gear. For this reason, researching your travel destinations thoroughly is a must for any out-of-town trip.

After knowing the prime dates to reserve for your holiday trip, your next task is to scout around the best places for board and lodging. At The Haad Tien beach resort, our guests can immerse in the rich tranquility of our facilities. If you’re looking for a beach villa in Koh Tao, book with us today and receive special benefits!

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