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4 Benefits of Having a Beach Wedding in Thailand

March 4, 2021
The haad tien beach resort

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable and exciting moments in your life, so you’ll want to spend it in an equally unforgettable destination. Although church weddings are classic in their own right, you may want to break away from tradition and opt for an overseas ceremony instead. Not only will it make your nuptials more unique, but it will also offer even better value for money.

Having your wedding in the best beach resorts in Thailand will allow you and your guests to have fun in the sun while celebrating your union. You’ll also get to enjoy delicious Thai food and have the chance to go sightseeing in the Land of Smiles’ stunning temples and scenery. Here are four benefits of having a beach wedding in Thailand:

  • You Get Stunning Views

    Thailand is renowned for its golden sands, shimmering ocean, and sunny skies. When you put all that together, it makes perfect sense to host your wedding here. Getting married on a beach will offer you breathtaking views as you entertain your guests and exchange vows. If you choose a private beach villa in Koh Tao as your wedding venue, you’ll have an even rarer, more precious view for your ceremony. You’ll be treated to gorgeous rose and violet hues of the sunset sky and the twinkling stars as they are about to come out. Your wedding photos will definitely be a treasure to keep!

  • You Won’t Have to Worry About the Weather

    One of the biggest worries of any couple-to-be is the weather on the wedding day. Even though weather predictions are mostly reliable, sometimes they can’t foresee the occasional shower, which is enough to put a damper on your special ceremony. Luckily, beach weddings are automatically accompanied by tropical climates, which means you’ll have a small chance of having wet weather interrupt your wedding.

  • You and Your Guests Can Unwind and Relax

    Beach settings are much more laid-back and relaxed than traditional ceremonies, which means you can soothe any pre-wedding jitters that may occur on your big day. It’s easy to feel calm when you feel the gentle breeze on your skin and watch the waves roll into the shower, and you’ll get to commune with nature, too. Having a wedding by beach villas in Thailand will also allow you to skip the formal fear of suffocating tuxedos and a traditional wedding dress, allowing you and your guests to let loose and enjoy.

  • You Can Combine Your Wedding Ceremony and Honeymoon

    Another reason to host your wedding ceremony in Thailand is that you can jet off to your honeymoon right away while cutting out all the hassle. Although you’ll probably have the ceremony and honeymoon in two different locations, you won’t have to worry about crossing oceans, jetlag, or all the unglamorous bits about traveling. You can enjoy your wedding on one island then hop on over to another, like Koh Samui or Koh Tao, for your honeymoon.


Beach weddings are rapidly rising in popularity because they allow everyone to celebrate a newly married couple while being surrounded by breathtaking nature. With these four benefits, you’ll have everything to gain by planning a destination wedding—especially on Thailand’s glittering beaches!

The Haad Tien Thailand is a beach resort in Koh Tao’s Thian Og Bay, offering seven stunning villa types that cater to every luxurious taste. We have refined amenities that will be the perfect match for your vacation or beach wedding, from our renowned family villas with private pools to romantic villas. Book your reservation with us today!

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